A fan was ejected from last night’s Lakers-Hawks game in Atlanta after she reportedly heckled LeBron James:

James later called the woman a “Courtside Karen” after the game:

He later said he didn’t want to see her ejected and that he needs and misses that interaction with fans:

The Hawks are investigating the incident:

But the “Courtside Karen,” identified as Juliana Carlos, took to Instagram and absolutely crushed the NBA star in a series of videos accusing James of cursing at her:

In another video, she really went to town on him and questioned if he was intimidated by a 25-year-old girl:

“…Don’t f***ing talk to my husband, and he looks at me and says, “Sit the f*** down, b*tch.’  And I go, ‘Don’t f***ing call me a bitch. You sit the f*** down. Get the f*** out of here. And I go, ‘Don’t f***ing talk to my husband like that. Don’t talk to my husband.  And he literally was like, ‘F*** you, bitch. Sit down, b*tch.  And all of sudden now I’m getting kicked out? Excuse me, I have courtside seats that I paid for. F*** you, Lebron. You’re a f***ing p****y. Get the f*** out of here. You’re going to let a 25-year-old girl intimidate you during a game? Bye, b*tch.”

“Bye b*tch.” LOL.