Well, this is good news.

Republican Claudia Tenney now leads Democrat Anthony Brindisi by 121 votes in the race for New York’s 22nd congressional district:

From WBNG:

(WBNG) — The residents of New York’s Congressional District 22 are one large step closer to knowing who their next representative will be.

Republican Claudia Tenney picked up 232 votes Friday, while Democrat Anthony Brindisi only picked up 139. This puts Tenney’s total lead in the race at 122 votes.

These new votes are the result of Oneida County attempting to correct another mistake made by its Board of Elections. The NYS Supreme Court found the county BOE failed to process the voter registrations of up to 2418 individuals who timely registered via the DMV.

As a result of this error, the court ordered Oneida to determine how many of these affected voters still cast an affidavit ballot in the election. All of these ballots were originally rejected by the county, but the court’s order to count these led to the increased vote tallies.

And, in a twist, it was Dems trying to exclude the votes from newly-registered voters in the district:

We’ll keep this in mind for the next times Dems accuse our side of attempting to disenfranchise voters:


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