Some Republicans in Arizona are calling for an audit of last Saturday’s votes for party leadership in the state after numerous irregularities were reported in the counting of ballots.

One “longtime party member” called it the “most unsecure election I’ve ever seen in my entire life”:

Specifically, they want Kelli Ward’s “narrow win” audited:

One of the races called early in the night for one candidate was later reversed which promoted this whole discussion:

It’s “karma whiplash” in progress?

More from AZ Central:

Doubts about the results of the chair’s race started to swirl after the announced winner in another race, for the at-large committee member from the 8th Congressional District, was informed she had lost.

Arellano said that error “created an environment where a number of state committeemen are raising concerns and asking me to ask for an audit because only a candidate for party office can do so. So I’ve done that and we’re waiting for a response that lays out the when, where, and how of that process. I anticipate the State GOP will do a solid job here and provide election officials around the state with an example of how to conduct a timely audit and how important ballot security and paper backups are.”

So, in other words, #StopTheSteal?

And here’s Meghan McCain’s reaction, whose mother was censured by the state party at this meeting:

“Can’t make this stuff up” is right:

And after our side got lectured over the whole “Dr.” Jill Biden thing, we do wonder why Ward — who is an actual Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine — doesn’t get the “Dr.” before her name? An example:

Washington Post on Ward. . .

. . .Washington Post on Biden:

Over to you, blue-checks!

Time to fix your tweets.