Wow. Watch this dad absolutely crush a board meeting of the Loudon County Public Schools over the district’s continued refusal to get kids back in school.

He started his passionate speech calling for the board members to fired and ended it with the simple message that should be the 2021 rallying cry, “Open the freaking schools!” A board member off-camera then asked for a deputy to make sure this concerned father had left the room but he vowed to be back next time:

*Everyone* should be this angry:

The way things are going, the rest of this year is going to be a write-off and there’s no indication that, in many places, schools will be back to normal when the new year starts at the end of the summer:

At some point, Dems will have to clash with the powerful school unions because this can’t go on:

Also, note in the video how the board members are very concerned with wiping down the podium:

Look at Virginia, for example. Gov. Ralph Northam, a Dem, wants schools open yet he refuses to push a mandate. From

“Instead of ‘schools should be closed,’ we’re going to approach it from the starting point of ‘schools need to be open,’” Gov. Ralph Northam said at a COVID-19 briefing Thursday.

“Every school division will have to decide what works best for it,” the governor added.

The new guidance does not serve as a mandate to force schools to open. Instead, schools are being asked to maximize in-person instruction depending on such factors as how many outbreaks a school has had and how strained a school’s staff is because of absenteeism.

It really is as simple as this: