The Cook Political Report’s Dave Wasserman has his first look at how redistricting will affect the 2022 election and, in short, it’s not a pretty picture for Dems:

Even though “Dems are much better prepared and GOP less dominant” this cycle. . .

. . .the GOP advantage at the state level means “2021 redistricting *alone*” could “erase Dems’ thin House majority”:

In summary, the “Democrats are in trouble next year”:

One bright spot for Dems may be in Ohio where Rep. Tim Ryan could easily run for Senate if he loses his seat:

The WaPo’s Greg Sargent also pointed out that Republicans will filibuster any Dem plan going through the Senate:

This will also “protect” many of the Republicans who voted to challenge the election results:

Of course, “gerrymandering” is only a bad word when Republicans do it:

Elections have consequences, Dems. Think local next time?


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