Sen. Ted Cruz used an old line from former President Trump to show his displeasure at President Biden recommitting America to the Paris Climate Agreement:

Former President Trump used this same line when he pulled out of the Paris agreement in 2017:

The line is “catchy,” but it’s aged poorly since as Pittsburgh actually embraced the agreement after Trump’s action in 2017:

Mayor Bill Peduto even had his commitment to the agreement as his pinned tweet up until President Biden’s inuaguration yesterday:

Also, the line worked better for Trump in 2017 because he won the state in 2016 as opposed to what happened in 2020:

Also, this view of Pittsburgh is outdated and doesn’t really exist any longer:

Sen. Cruz has had better takes on the Paris agreement in the past. Such as this one:

And this one in 2019 where he chided Nancy Pelosi over it:

Sen. Cruz does have the facts on his side, although it’s the tweet from yesterday which will get all the attention:

It’s too late for what SHOULD HAVE BEEN DONE, however: