NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio announced this morning that he’s canceling all city contracts with the Trump Organization:

The Trump Organization currently operates two ice rinks, a golf course in the Bronx, and the carousel in Central Park:

It’s estimated that President Trump’s company makes $17 million off of these four sites:

De Blasio said, “if a company, the leadership of that company, is engaged in criminal activity, we have the right to sever the contract”

But not so fast. . .

Eric Trump said in a statement that the company will fight the cancelation of the contracts:

The NYT’s Maggie Haberman, who has been covering Trump since her days at the NY Post, notes that these contracts will not be as easy to unwind or cancel as the mayor says they are:

Prediction? Haberman is correct or else de Blasio would have moved against these contracts years ago.