Newly elected GOP Rep. Barry Moore (AL-02) has deleted his personal Twitter account after journos started calling out his tweets on the takeover of the Capitol on January 6.

Via Jamie Dupree, who flagged this one where Rep. Moore said, “Wow we have more arrests for stealing a podium on January 6th than we do for stealing an election November 3rd! Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Detroit, would be places I recommend you start; There is video of evidence of these crimes as well. #ElectionIntegrity Matters”:

Dupree also called out this tweet where Rep. Moore said, “I Understand it was a black police officer that shot the white female veteran. You know that doesn’t fit the narrative”:

The officer who shot Babbitt is reported “emotionally shattered” and it’s been reported there were Members of Congress behind the door he was guarding:

Rep. Moore had condemned the violence over on his official account on Thursday:

Before deleting the entire account, Rep. Moore was blocking journos linking to these past tweets:

More screenshots: