George Santos, a GOP candidate in New York’s 3rd congressional district, reports that his fiancé was fired from his job as a pharmacist after the New York Times wrote up an article about the pair attending a New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago in Florida:

He also posted the photo from the party to his public Twitter account, calling it an “honor to spend New Year’s Eve at #MarALago with the Trump family”:

New York ordered people who traveled out of state to quarantine for up to 10 days, which may have played a role in what happened here:

Santos also called out Gov. Andrew Cuomo upon landing back in New York for using the National Guard to enforce contact tracing:

He tweeted that he did not fill out the forms:

“I’m NEVER filling one of these out and urge everyone to do the same.”

Under these rules, how many Dem politicians should be fired? Gov. Gavin Newsom comes to mind:

And we do wonder where Joe Lockhart’s anger is at Nancy Pelosi for letting a Covid-19 member onto the House floor yesterday just to make sure she had enough votes for Speaker:

Other blue-checks called him out for posting the photo in the first place:

Santos, who was leading on election night, ended up losing to incumbent Dem Tom Suozzi once the absentee ballots were counted:

The final total was Suozzi 55.9%, Santos 43.5%.