The massive Covid relief/spending bill has arrived at Mar-a-Lago, but. . .

. . .it’s not clear if the president will sign it or not:

The president again tweeted earlier today that he thinks stimulus payments should be increased from $600 for and individual to $2000:

Republicans blocked a Democrat measure to do just this on Thursday via unanimous consent and Speaker Nancy Pelosi will bring it up again for a vote on Monday:

As for the bill that’s now at Mar-a-Lago awaiting the president’s decision, unemployment aid is set to lapse on Saturday without action:

And it’s likely that even if the bill did get signed, a disruption would still occur:

Sen. Lindsey Graham, who golfed with the president today, says he thinks the president is adamant that the bill include the higher amount of relief payments AND Section 230 reform:

Over to you, Congress.