The New York Times has an op-ed out titled, “The Joys of Frivolous Sex” on being single in the age of Covid-19 but it’s one of the comments highlighted by a staffer at the paper of record that’s getting mocked right now on Twitter.

First up, the article:

And now the comment that we’re finding so funny:

“. . .My daughter, age 22, told me she frequently encounters attractive runners when she’s out for a run. Often, they duck off-trail and have a quickie. Relieves the stress!. . .”

And LOL at the “Times Pick”:


It does read like something that might be found in another sort of publication, though:

They probably were wearing masks so it’s OK:

Is it even true? Who knows! But some staffer at the Times thought it worthy enough to endorse:

If only all moms were as cool as this one: