Tensions are still high between the governor of Georgia and the Trump administration and his legal team:

Here is Jenna Ellis’ response after Gov. Kemp and his wife showed up at a White House Christmas Party last night:

“Seriously?” she asked:

And just hours before that tweet from the governor, the president questioned why he wasn’t calling a special session of the legislature to help President Trump:

Well, if you lived in Georgia and needed a little extra reason why it’s necessary to support Republicans Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue in the upcoming runoff election, here it is: If Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff, *your* taxpayer dollars will be sent to New York City to bail out *their* failed policies:

From the New York Post:

Mayor Bill de Blasio conceded Thursday he’s literally banking his next budget on a federal aid package that’s only likely to pass if Democrats run the table and come up with two big wins in Georgia — and won’t start plotting a ‘Plan B’ to close the projected $3.8 billion deficit until those races are decided.

You’ve been warned:

As of now, the Republicans are being outspent in the state but it’s not likely that it matters as the amount of money being spent is bonkers and we’re not sure even more money would get anyone’s attention at this point:

Republicans do continue to suffer setbacks in the courts as they look to overhaul Georgia’s voting rules: