Jake Tapper, in what looks to be in response to outrage over Joe Biden’s incoming deputy chief of staff calling Republicans “f*ckers,” is warning his viewers about the “stunning hypocrisy” they’re about to see from the same “folks who were silent for four years about vulgarities and hideous smears”:

LOL. This is what’s known as “preemptive whataboutism”:

If only someone at CNN — looking at you, Jeff Zucker — could have warned everyone:

Yes, we ARE going to need “seatbelts and various safety equipment” as the “stunning hypocrisy” is going to come from the media as well:

They really need to make up their minds:

And here’s the zinger from Mollie Hemingway:

And don’t even get us started on all the Russia stuff:


Yes. “Weird” how this is happening:

Maybe journos should just “sit this one out”:

Because this isn’t a good look:

We’ll end it with this supercut. Enjoy!