So, after publication, we saw another sexist attack from Crooked Media’s Erin Ryan and it’s the worst one yet: She’s a “c*ntfederate”:


Sen. Kelly Loeffler debated Rev. Raphael Warnock tonight ahead of the special election on January 5, but we were struck at the number of sexist attacks made against the George Republican.

Here are the top 10 worst ones we’ve seen so far. . .

1. Jonathan Chait doesn’t like her neck:

2. Manny Fidel of Business Insider thinks she’s a “super villain”:

3. He also doesn’t like her face:

4. Writer/director Aisha Tyler criticized her looks as well:

5. As did this blue-check:

6. YouTuber Brian Tyler Cohen says she doesn’t have any charisma:

7. And there were many people who thought she was a robot:

8. Katie Jacobs Stanton, who worked in the Obama White House, is “not ok with what Kelly Loeffler is doing” to “look great at 50”:

9. Writer Michael Marshall Smith thin she’s the main character in a creepy Netflix show:

And, finally, 10. She’s smirking!


Editor’s note: This post has been updated.