So, SCOTUS will hear the Pennsylvania case after all:

This is the lawsuit brought by Rep. Mike Kelly and Sean Parnell that was just dismissed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court:

More on that here:

Via BuzzFeed’s Zoe Tilman, “At this point, they’re asking for an injunction to stop PA state officials from doing anything to make Biden’s win official, and if it’s already happened, to nullify it — an extremely big ask, to say the least”:

Of note, Justice Alito asked for responses by December 9 which is *AFTER* the safe-harbor deadline:

It sure doesn’t sound like they’re in any rush to have this case matter:

The Lieutenant Gov. of Pennsylvania, John Fetterman, responded to the news with a “Simpsons” GIF:

Even worse, he’s comparing Pennsylvania Republicans to the New York Jets:

For comparison purposes, SCOTUS DID move faster in 2000 in Bush v. Gore:

Justice Alito could have “ordered a response before the deadline” if he had wanted to: