You mean to tell us that the entire narrative out of China was wrong and that the deadly pandemic was already spreading in America in December? No. Way.

In other words, “no s*it”:

From the WSJ:

The new coronavirus infected people in the U.S. in mid-December 2019, a few weeks before it was officially identified in China and about a month earlier than public health authorities found the first U.S. case, according to a government study published Monday.

The findings significantly strengthen evidence suggesting the virus was spreading around the world well before public health authorities and researchers became aware, upending initial thinking about how early and quickly it emerged.

This new study used samples taken from blood donations:

And it fits with information about the spread of the virus coming out of Europe:

There certainly was anecdotal evidence back then to back up this hypothesis:

Editor’s note: We’ve corrected a typo in the headline.

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