Judy Shelton, President Trump’s nominee to fill a vacancy on the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, was defeated 47-50 in the Senate yesterday after Sens. Chuck Grassley and Rick Scott were forced to miss the vote over coronavirus concerns (Grassley later tested positive, Scott is in quarantine):

Sen. Kamala Harris took a break from her VP-elect preparations to cast the pivotal vote that broke the tie:

It’s not known if Mitch McConnell has the votes if he brings her nomination up again:

Complicating things for the GOP is that incoming Dem Sen. Mark Kelly will be sworn in November 30 to replace Martha McSally:

Republicans, FWIW, offered a warm welcome to their likely former colleague:

Sen. Lindsey Graham even gave her a fist bump:


So, just how seriously should we take anything either party says about the post-election fighting? They’re certainly not acting like the Republic is on the line: