Earlier this summer, we told you how Dems in Wisconsin were able to keep the Green Party off of the November ballot which was celebrated by libs around Twitter:

At the time, libs cheered the move as they believed Jill Stein cost Hillary Clinton the state back in 2016:

Joe Biden’s lead in Wisconsin at this moment stands at a little over 20,000 votes, which certainly does indicate that a Green Party candidate on the ballot this year could’ve swung the state to President Trump just like it did in 2016:

But this undemocratic behavior was not limited to just Wisconsin. The same thing happened in Pennsylvania:

And like with Wisconsin, we’ll never know if the Green Party would’ve made a difference or not, but it does seem pretty likely they would have taken votes from Biden:

Dems aren’t even hiding why they wanted the Green Party candidate off the ballot in the first place:

So, Dems, if you’re angry at the Trump campaign’s hardball tactics post-election, look in the damn mirror. This ain’t beanbag.