The TL;DR version? We still don’t know who won but the “experts” are still pretty high on Joe Biden pulling it out.

With that said, here’s an early-morning breakdown of where things stand.


Joe Biden is only ahead by about 8000 votes:

And here’s what’s outstanding, FWIW:

And they’re done counting until Nov. 5:

It’s close but by no means certain for Biden:


Trump leads at the moment:

But the NYT’s Nate Cohn says the outstanding votes should favor Biden:


Biden has a slight lead:

Dems are expecting to win, but it’s close:


Trump leads at the moment:

But it’s the same story as the other states: The outstanding ballots are thought to favor Biden:

From Michigan native Tim Alberta:


Trump leads as of the last update from Decision Desk last night:

But there are A LOT of absentee ballots to go:

And counting is going to take some time:

But the electoral map doesn’t work out for Trump if Biden wins in Arizona, Nevada, Michigan and Wisconsin:

North Carolina.

Trump is ahead by about 1%:

But there are mail-in ballots out there left to count and anything could happen: