As we wait for polls to close, have a look at this thread from Grabien’s Tom Elliot who put together some of the dumbest blue-check predictions from the past year on what they expected to happen today.


First up, John Heilemann who suggested President Trump will use the military to “seized Nov. election through force”:

This was echoed by former Attorney General Eric Holder:

Up next, convicted felon Michael Avenatti predicted President Trump would resign before election day:

Not to be outdone, MSNBC’s Malcolm Nance predicted Russians would infiltrate our voting systems to change the votes:

And here’s Donny Deutsch who expected Nikki Haley as the nominee:

And, finally, here’s Joe Scarborough predicting President Trump would “cash out” of the race:

So, literally, none of their predictions or fears have even come close to being true. Well done, experts!