The Girl Scouts apologized and deleted this tweet where they dared to congratulate Amy Coney Barrett for her confirmation as a Supreme Court Justice:

You see, simply stating this fact was deemed as a “political and partisan statement” according to the group:

And, “We are neither red nor blue, but Girl Scout GREEN”:

That second tweet was actually a replacement for a different tweet that was deleted, In the original, the Girl Scouts told critics to “keep scrolling”:

One of those critics was Rep. Ayanna Presley who called ACB “the antithesis of justice”:

But can she explain WTF she means or give any examples? We’ll wait:

More criticism from CNN analyst Asha Rangappa:

The former FBI special agent also asked if the Girl Scouts ever posted something nice about Hillary Clinton:

Maybe they didn’t cover searching Twitter at the FBI academy? Here’s one of the many times they’ve tweeted about HRC:

They should put the ACB tweet back up:

Or are there new rules for all conservative women?

It’s not going over well, that’s for sure:

And, ahem:


And “weak” sums it up: