Andrew Cuomo sat down with the ladies of “The View” and immediately blamed President Trump for every Covid-19 death in the country:

He also blamed asymptomatic spread among nursing home staffers from “early on before we understood” what was going on:

Of course, Gov. Cuomo won’t provide any data to back up this assertion:

And the state didn’t even bar  asymptomatic staffers from working in nursing homes until April 29:

He’s also not a fan of the DOJ starting too look into his handling of the crisis:

He says it’s because it’s an election year:

There were no follow-up questions on any of this, however, because the ladies were very concerned about who Gov. Cuomo is and is not dating:

He only dates “in-state residents,” he said:

But there’s hope for Chelsea Handler if she moves!

What. A. Joke.