The Washington Times has a new piece out on the New York Times and how the paper of record is “asleep at the switch over journalistic ethics”:

The piece covers the well-known issues of the 1619 Project and adds to it with new information on climate reporter Hiroko Tabuchi who deleted a tweet linking the oil and gas industry to white supremacy:

From the article:

At the beginning of this month, the reporter, Hiroko Tabuchi, tweeted: “I’ve been thinking a lot about fossil fuels and white supremacy recently. Almost every single oil executive, lobbyist, spokesperson I’ve dealt with is white and male. It’s difficult not to see the link.”

In a tweet in June, she observed that the industry is white and, therefore, that’s a problem. In September she linked police violence and the oil and gas industry. Ten years ago, she tweeted that “Toyota sucks.”

It is important to know that Ms. Tabuchi covers the oil and gas industry for The Times, as climate change is her specific beat. Given the centrality of oil and gas to this election, that seems very important. It is a clear conflict of interest, and one that the editors have known or should have known about for some time.

Maybe they finally do. Ms. Tabuchi’s Twitter profile indicates that more than 10,000 tweets have been deleted from the account since the end of September. However that happened, it seems contrary to The Times’ own guidelines on the deletion of tweets, which state: “Be transparent. If you tweeted an error or something inappropriate and wish to delete the tweet, be sure to quickly acknowledge the deletion in a subsequent tweet.”

And here’s a screenshot of the now-deleted hot take:

Who wants to tell her?

And yes, yes they are:

You just know this will happen, right?