With less than a week to go until the election, The New York Times is running a quiz today to see if readers can guess if a refrigerator belongs to a Trump or Biden supporter:

But what’s even dumber than this quiz is this take from the NYT’s Eric Lipton who is scolding conservatives for elevating the major looting and rioting occurring in Philadelphia over the past two nights:

Yes, we should just STFU about a major news event that makes Dems look bad in the tipping point state of the entire election:

And Pennsylvania’s importance is exactly why folks in the media don’t want it covered:

President Trump understands how important a story it is to his reelection:

Maybe he’d be more interested in the story if the NYT did a quiz on what’s in their refrigerators?

And this is just another reason why conservatives have lost all faith in media orgs like the NYT:

Unfortunately for libs, the story won’t be going away: