Boston 7 News morning anchor Alaina Pinto says she was fired for appearing in Adam Sandler’s new Netflix film, “Hubie Halloween”:

Wow, this seems overly harsh:

The film is filled with a ton of celebrity cameos as you can see from the trailer:

And Pinto was added to make it “as authentic as possible” since she’s an actual Boston reporter and this film is set in the area:

Hubie Halloween might be fictional, but director Steven Brill and his crew took great pains to make sure the film feels as authentic as possible. A large portion of the movie was filmed on location in Salem, Massachusetts, and the Hubie Halloween team worked very hard to get the city, which was currently enjoying its summer vacation, Halloween-ready. But it didn’t stop there. In order to really capture the New England spirit, Hubie Halloween recruited a local celebrity to come in and give the project some extra legitimacy.

While 7News morning anchor Alaina Pinto may not be a national celebrity, she’s certainly a local one. Pinto has been working at the Boston-based WHDH since December 2016, and before that spent some time as a local TV reporter in Vermont. There’s a reason why she looks so comfortable behind that desk, after all. Hubie Halloween may be Pinto’s feature film debut, but she’s been doing this kind of thing for a while. She’s a pro.

What a dumb move:

Or are we missing something?

There are rules and then there are rules:

We really would like to know more, because this seems like pretty standard stuff nowadays: