UPDATE 8:45 p.m.

The NYT Guild has deleted the tweet saying it was sent in error:

NYT media reporter Ben Smith adds:


The New York Times Guild which represents over 1000 of the paper’s journos is very unhappy at this recent column by Bret Stephens which took a hammer to the 1619 project:

And we do mean a hammer:

Did you catch both grammatical errors?

Now, we make our fair share of errors here at Twitchy, but COME ON:

They did it to themselves:

The tweet is also awful for going after legitimate criticism of the 1619 Project:

This is called censorship:

Or, another word for it:

And we certainly don’t remember them defending Bari Weiss like this:

It’s called “speaking truth to power”:

“The New York Times has turned into a daycare”: