Shelby Talcott and Richie McGinniss, journalists for the Daily Caller, were beaten by police and threatened with arrest while covering the riots in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin on Thursday night:

Here’s another view from across the street:

McGinniss suffered multiple wounds in the altercation:

And Talcott says cops kicked and beat her with a club. The two were released before being formally arrested:

But the other two reporters were not released:

You can literally see them complying in the video above:

The Wauwatosa Police Department attempted this spin via Twitter:

But Geoffrey Ingersoll, Daily Caller editor-in-cheif, called them out and asked for the names of the officers responsible:

This will not end well for the Wauwatosa Police Department:

“Just because we don’t refer to nights of violence as ‘mostly peaceful,’ does not mean we are on the side of police”: