CNBC’s Christina Wilkie alerted he readers that the “White House Gift Shop” is selling a “Donald J. Trump defeats Covid” commemorative coin for $100:

Now, you’d think from her tweet that this is some big deal, but it’s not. Not at all, actually, as the “White House Gift Shop” has no affiliation with the U.S. government:

It’s a “scam,” even:

She later attempted to justify the tweet with some added history:

Nope, still bad:

Good advice:

But the damage is done as blue-checks like Seth Rogen have shared that first tweet which is going to guarantee this gets more traction:

Patton Oswalt’s brother:

“Agents of Shield” actor Clark Gregg:

Has she seen what they sell at other gift shops around America?

These aliens, hopefully, are laughing at the people getting worked up by the random gift shop: