Well, well, well. . .

The New York Times has finally discovered the truth about “black bloc” anarchists wreaking havoc across the country:

And. . .

It’s the Opinion section:

Dear journos: Note that this is spreading because *you* are minimizing the threat:

The lesson here is to stop listening to the talking heads on television:

“While talking heads on television routinely described it as a spontaneous eruption of anger at racial injustice, it was strategically planned, facilitated and advertised on social media by anarchists who believed that their actions advanced the cause of racial justice. In some cities, they were a fringe element, quickly expelled by peaceful organizers. But in Washington, Portland and Seattle they have attracted a ‘cultlike energy,’ Mr. Quinn told me.”

They’ve hijacked the movement? You. Don’t. Say:

They have no allies:

More from the author of the piece:


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