Over 15,000 retweets and close to 70,000 likes for this totally debunked hoax on the Breonna Taylor warrant form ex-NBA player and current social media influencer Rex Chapman:

He. Doesn’t. Care:

Here’s the fact check from the Lousiville Courier-Journal:

Our rating: False
The search warrant for Taylor and her home explicitly identified her and her address. The Louisville police were not there by mistake. They believed that Taylor had ties to Glover, one of the main suspects in the investigation.


The search warrant for Taylor’s home includes her street address, apartment number and photos of her apartment door, which police later broke using a battering ram.

Taylor’s name, birth date and social security number are listed on the warrant, alongside the names of the narcotics investigation’s main targets, Jamarcus Glover and Adrian Walker.

Adrian Walker and Kenneth Walker are not related.

In the affidavit for the search warrant, Jaynes wrote that he’d seen Glover get a package from Taylor’s home and that he used Taylor’s address as his own on documents.

Even worse? He’s aware of the fact that he’s sharing bogus information and doesn’t think it’s important to notify his followers of this:

He’s also claiming that he faced a harsher punishment when he was caught shoplifting from an Apple store than the officer indicted in the case:

Um, community service is harsher than 1-5 years in prison? From Bleacher Report:

Former 12-year NBA veteran Rex Chapman pleaded guilty to four felony counts of theft last Friday, per Jerry Tipton of the Lexington Herald-Leader. The charges stem from an incident last September during which he stole $14,000 worth of merchandise from an Apple Store in Scottsdale, Arizona.

According to Tipton, Chapman will serve 750 hours of community service and remain on probation for a period of time yet to be determined. The 47-year-old will also pay $15,128.30 back to the Apple Store in question.

And don’t forget, he’s spread this sort of disinformation before. Remember the locked mailboxes hoax? Yep . . . he was right in the middle of that one, too: