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Pete Buttigieg says “we’re in danger of a majority of Justices on the Supreme Court being chosen by Presidents who didn’t even get the majority of the popular vote” and this means “any way you look at it, we’re getting less democratic by the day”:

CHASER(S). . .

Put on your drinking caps, folks, because we’re going to throw a few back with this one.

For starters, someone please tell him that Bill Clinton did not win the popular vote in 1992 or 1996:

Does this mean that selection of Justice Ginsberg herself made us less democratic?

Let’s add in a few other Dem presidents, shall we?

Plus, he’s wrong about Justices appointed by George W. Bush. John Roberts and Samuel Alito were AFTER GWB won the popular vote in 2004:

Buttigieg should issue a correction:

And Gerald Ford has zero vote and still appointed a Justice:

Dem buzzkill: