Rick Tyler, former comms director for Ted Cruz during his 2016 presidential run, attempted to dunk on GOP governors with this misleading statistic on the “Top 10 states with the highest Coronavirus infection rates”:

Since testing today is so much more expansive than testing in February, March and April, this is a pretty meaningless statistic. And it looks even more foolish when you look at the per-capita death rate:

Because when you look at the death rate, here’s what you find:

Does he still want to try to dunk of Florida?

Tyler is hoping these GOP states catch up with New York and New Jersey in the next few weeks:


Sorry. The math just isn’t on his side here, even in Florida which is battling the virus:

And this is why deaths are falling again in Florida:

It’s like he’s cheering this on:

Is he not aware that South Florida took action back in July?

What a hack.