Twitchy regular Drew Holden put together a mega-thread of people who thought President Trump was “leading us to disaster” in the Middle East and it could be one of his best ones yet.

First up, Samantha Power:

Joe Biden and Liz Warren:

Sen. Schumer, come on down. You’re the next contestant. . .

Let’s not leave out Bernie:

Rep. Mark Pocan of Wisconsin:

And here’s Jeremy Corbyn trying to interfere in our election from across the pond:

Ayatollah Khamenei and Hezbollah weigh in:

And here comes the media. CNN:

The New Yorker:

The Atlantic:

Former SoS John Kerry:

The AP:

Let’s not forget Foreign Policy and The Economist:

And The Guardian, too:

Vanity Fair:

And others!

Well done, Drew.