GOOD: CNN is *FINALLY* policing chyrons.

BAD: Not their own.

Here’s the latest from CNN’s Oliver Darcy who is taking issue with multiple chyrons on Fox News related to Jennifer Griffin’s reporting that allegedly confirmed parts of The Atlantic story:

First up, quotation marks — how do they work?

And spare us any anger over chyrons Mr. “Fiery But Peaceful”:

Darcy, however, wasn’t done:

This guy is unbelievable. There’s nothing wrong with this as Fox News has reporters contradicting each other:

He mad:

More criticism of Baier:

And, boy, can you believe Fox News is trying to discredit this whole story by *checks notes* putting Pete Buttigieg on the air?

Honest question: What does he think about any of the CNN chyrons we’ve criticized?

This is how the cable-news game is played and HE KNOWS IT: