It’s come to this in Sweden. . .

Link is to an article titled, “Children were kept isolated for several months” from Swedish public broadcaster Sveriges Radio:

“Three children in the county have been kept isolated and locked up in their homes for four months. The reason is the parents’ great fear of the corona pandemic, and now the administrative court has decided that the children should be forcibly taken into care immediately.”

Sweden is now taking away kids whose parents behave too much like Americans worried about COVID-19? Apparently so:

Except for the nailing the door shut, which a lawyer for the parents denies ever happened, this is what millions of American kids experienced during the same time period. From the article:

The children, all older than 10, were according to social services in their town in Jönköping county prevented from leaving the home between March and July this year.

The parents had nailed wooden planks on the front door and kept the three children confined to their bedrooms where they also received their dinner, according to the Swedish administrative court which upheld the decision to take the children into social custody, in a ruling seen by The Local.

The court also found that two of the children had been denied dental care.

The parents, who are originally from a country that implemented far stricter lockdowns this year than Sweden, told the court they were worried about the coronavirus and had not intended to harm or neglect the children.

They denied keeping the children forcibly locked up at home and said they had been able to go outside and meet friends if they wanted, and had been given distance teaching.

Read the whole thing here.