It’s official.

The NBA and the National Basketball Players Association has voted to end its short strike in an agreement that — wait for it — uses their arenas as giant poll places for in-person voting. That’s right. They’re giving President Trump a major win to encourage safe in-person voting on election day and they’re even going to advertise for it:

But it’s a maybe on the polling places. They’ll have to work with state and local officials on the plan and in some cases, the deadline may have passed. From Politico:

As part of an agreement with National Basketball Players Association union, the NBA will convert franchise-owned-and-operated arenas into voting facilities targeted at communities particularly vulnerable to the coronavirus pandemic, the league and union said in a joint statement. If the deadline for setting up a polling place in a particular state has passed, the league will use its local arena for other civic engagement purposes.

There are still a lot of unknowns on just how the NBA plan would work, but a similar scheme was used in Kentucky where Louisville used one large polling center for the entire city and it worked out pretty well:

Of course, there were some hiccups as the polls closed as people were still making their way from their cars to the entrance:

This is definitely a risk on election day. Especially after people go to their local polling place only to find it has been closed and they’re now told to go drive to the arena:

And we’ll also point out that the Kentucky plan was widely criticized — falsely so — before primary day

Which we pointed out:

So, as for the NBA plan, it sounds good! Anything that helps get people to vote in-person will help the entire system in a county.


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