As we told you last night, rioting erupted in the city of Minneapolis after a Black man wanted for a murder committed suicide as police were moving to apprehend him:

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz even had to send in the National Guard to help:

But as these photos from this morning show, the damage to the downtown area is extensive:

What did coffee ever do to anyone?

Last night, a mostly-peaceful rioter was caught on camera launching fireworks into the now-destroyed eatery:

Goodbye, Brit’s Pub:

Someone was spotted last night trying to extinguish the blaze, but, again, too little too late:

Target was, um, targeted. Again:

As were many of the shops on Nicollet Mall:

“There will be a lot of cleanup this moring for these businesses”



Looting breaks out in Minneapolis after black homicide suspect shoots himself as police approach; Updated