The New York Times report that we told you about earlier on the movements of Kyle Rittenhouse before and up to the shooting which certainly suggests the 17-year-old has a possible self-defense claim is not sitting well some libs right now.

Former Hillary Staffer Zac Petkanas, in a now-deleted tweet, accused the “Trump team pushing conspiracy theory that the white supremacist who murdered two people was acting in self defense” (he means, we think, the retweet by Andrew Surabian, not the comment by Robby Soave, editor of Reason):

Like with his former boss, deleting something, like an email, doesn’t make the problem go away:

And not to be outdone, Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern called NR’s David Harsanyi a psychopath for saying “it looks like self defense (though there may be more evidence we aren’t aware of yet)”:

This “vile coward” won’t even tag Harsanyi to debate him:

And note how Stern DIDN’T READ the rest of the thread:



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