First up, pollsters aren’t seeing a post-convention bump for Joe Biden in the all-important swing states:


It’s like 2016 is repeating itself:

And Nate Silver reports “the ‘fundamentals’ are improving for Trump”:

And here are some 2016 vs. 2020 comparisons. . .

Trump is doing better today than he was in 2016 in Michigan:

And he’s doing better in Pennsylvania today than in 2016, too:

He’s about the same in Florida:

And very similar to 2016 in North Carolina:

He’s doing better today than in 2016 in Ohio:

Georgia looks about the same:



But he’s worse in Arizona:

And further back in Nevada:

There are fewer undecideds in 2020, however:

But, Dems should be pretty terrified right about now:


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