Hatch Act Twitter is having a conniption right now over last night’s RNC events:

And they’re really, really mad at the naturalization ceremony:

But the White House is saying that because the event was publicized earlier in the day that it was legal to use the footage during the RNC:

And, anyway, it doesn’t even apply to the president:

They’re grasping at this point:

But what’s an even bigger buzzkill right now is that this same sort of stuff happened during the Obama administration:

So spare us the outrage directed at Mike Pompeo and his taped speech from Israel:

Julián Castro, too, was found in violation and President Obama did nothing:

And don’t even get us started on Bill Clinton’s shenanigans:

They’re such hypocrites and everyone sees it:

You see, it’s only an issue when there’s an “R” after the name:


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