As we told you last night, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez confused many on Twitter during her 90-second speech seconding the nomination of Bernie Sanders as the party’s nominee:

Basically, this is something that happens at most conventions but it was more high profile with all of the talk this week on AOC’s speaking time:

It was so confusing, in fact, it’s trending on Twitter this morning as one of the “Moments“:

Even AOC, as we told you yesterday, admitted as such:

Now, fast forward a few hours and AOC is not RAGE tweeting at NBC News for this now-deleted tweet calling her out for not endorsing Biden in her speech:


AOC did later endorse Biden in a tweet:

Here it is:

But, man, was AOC PISSED at NBC News:

Oh, please:

She’s still going:

So, does she have a point?


Welcome to reality, congresswoman:


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