During his interview with Axios that aired last night, Jonathan Swan called out President Trump for focusing on the death rate per cases in the U.S. rather than the death rate per capita, which makes the U.S. look much worse when compared to countries like Germany or South Korea:

And the WaPo’s fact-checker jumped in, saying Trump manipulates the stats “to assert he’s right”:

OH REALLY? So now the death rate per capita is important? Someone should alert the media of this as they continue to praise NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo over Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis:

If it makes a Republican look bad, use the total number of cases?

Right now, the media is focusing on case numbers in Florida and not per capita deaths. PICK ONE PLEASE:

And President Trump should have used the per capita numbers from these countries:

As for the WaPo, they really have it in for Gov. DeSantis:

CNN’s Jim Sciutto agreed with Kessler as well:

And CNN can just go jump in a lake with the way they’ve interviewed Gov. Cuomo: