Wait, what?

After weeks and weeks of the Trump administration saying how important it is to get kids back in school for in-person learning, Dr. Deborah Birx told CNN on Sunday that this isn’t the case in places where there is a “high case load and community spread” of COVID-19:

This is not good, to say the least:

So, in just how much of the U.S. then kids should do remote learning? Because she also said that the outbreak now is different in March and April and “it is extraordinarily widespread”:

Oh, and you need to wear a mask at home, too:

We’ll echo this: “This is an incredible departure from what Birx and other task force officials told governors just a few weeks ago”:

From last week on one of these calls:

And this contradicts what the head of the CDC said just a few days ago:

Well, Dr. Birx made union boss Randi Weingarten happy anyway: