There was another night of confrontation between personnel from the Department of Homeland Security and rioters in downtown Portland last night/this morning:

And here we go:

This most recent confrontation was started when the totally peaceful protesters tried to barricade the federal law enforcement officers inside the building:

The barricade was then “reinforced with sandbags”:

“Stay together, stay tight” chanted the moms:

And then the Feds began dispersing the crowd:

This is exactly what the protesters wanted to happen:

Goodbye, moms:

Here comes the tear gas and pepper balls:

The rioters had their own defenses:

Thus ended Round 1:

And here comes Round 2:

Is this a new tactic?


Protesters then put up a fence around the courthouse:

Which prompted another response:

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes:

We have no idea what went down here:

Protesters are mad that some of their stuff was damaged:

You see, destroying someone else’s property is wrong. Or something:

Round 2 ends:

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


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