Texas Gov. Greg Abbott warned in numerous media interviews today that the “worst is yet to come” and that another lockdown could be in the state’s future because of coronavirus:

“COVID is real, it hasn’t gone away”:

He’s asking for full compliance with his mask order in order to keep the state open:

And he called out local officials who are hesitant to enforce the ban:

Gov. Abbott did stress that he’s not planning another shutdown at this time and is just warning of it. Via KSAT:

Abbott addressed the shutdown rumor during an interview with KSAT 12 News at Noon.

“Let me be clear about this because a lot of people are asking about that question,” Abbott said. “There are rumors out there that there will be an imminent shutdown and that is not the case.”

Abbott said the executive actions he’s already taken, such as mandating face masks and shutting down bars, should help reduce the spread of COVID-19. Abbott also extended his disaster declaration for all Texas counties, which was originally issued on March 13.

The public needs to take the mask mandate seriously, Abbott stressed.

He also extended the state disaster declaration:


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