The World Health Organization is now saying you should not wear a mask while exercising as it “my reduced the ability to breathe comfortably” and that it’s only necessary to maintain 3-feet of distance:

So every 6-foot spacer we’re seeing in grocery stores and everywhere else can now be safely ignored? Good to know!

A Johns Hopkins immunology specialist widely quoted this week said it’s safe to exercise in a mask, however:

From the article:

Should we wear a mask while we exercise?

“A good rule of thumb is anytime that you’re going to be speaking, breathing heavily or in close contact with other people, it’s essential that you wear a mask. Masks shouldn’t interfere too much with exercising. You may need to get used to it having it on when you’re doing it, but it’s really the safest thing to do, particularly if you’re exercising inside. Exercising sends out a lot of air and a lot of plumes that can have the virus in it so masks are essential for that.”

If sweat drips onto your mask, is it less effective as a result?

“You want to change your mask every 2 days or so, but if it gets wet… if you happen to cough into it or sneeze into it, it’s probably better to change it on a daily basis. And that’s why cloth masks are great. Most of them are cotton material. Just pop them in the laundry and they’re ready to go the next day. Having 2 to 3 of them around so that you can rotate helps you keep a fresh face cloth with you on a daily basis.”

And the NY Times just recommended to bring multiple masks while exercising and replace them when they get too sweaty:

Is it too much to ask that during a global pandemic that these “experts” could bother to agree on this?


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