This Politico article from Friday suggests the secret to Joe Biden’s campaign success, other than staying in his basement, is that he’s avoiding everything that libs are pushing for on Twitter and that he “does not care about critical race theory-intersectional left that has taken over places like the NYT”:

And, “You can be against chokeholds and not believe in white fragility. You can be for reforming police departments and don’t necessarily have to believe that the United States is irredeemably racist”:

So, is this what is happening?

Make Dems normal again:

Bending the knee to the “Sarsour/Tlaib stuff” certainly didn’t work for Liz Warren or Bernie Sanders:

What’s funny about this is that his treatment of women in the past would prevent him from this job. But Dems will ignore that and endorse him for POTUS in a heartbeat:

More on Biden vs. the NYT:

“Maybe voters noticed”?