Israeli officials released video footage of the moment a 28-year-old Palestinian man, Ahmed Erekat, was shot and killed after his car rammed into a security checkpoint, injuring a female officer who you can see was flung into the air:


Ahmad Erekat is the causing of senior Palestinian official Saeb Erekat:

Noura Erekat, also a cousin and a professor at Rutgers University, accused Israel of murdering Ahmed:

The Border Police deny that they let Erekat “bleed out.” From the Times of Israel:

Responding to the allegations, a Border Police spokesman told The Times of Israel that forces provided medical attention to the assailant within minutes, but were forced to declare the suspect’s death minutes later.

Footage from the scene after Erekat had been shot shows him bleeding, but still moving. The Border Police spokesman said the video in question had been filmed in the minutes before medics arrived at the scene.

Erekat’s family speculated that he accidentally rammed into the officer and the security booth:




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