One of the states that a concern right now in terms of coronavirus infections is Arizona which reported 3,246 new cases on Friday:

The state is urging residents to continue social distancing and to “always wear a mask in public even if you do not feel sick”:


Dr. Cara Christ, director of the State Department of Health Services, warned that “numbers are going to continue to rise until those mitigation measures . . . start to take effect”:

She’s talking about cities implementing mask requirements around the state:

And on public transportation:

Excerpts from the interview where it’s clear that Arizona is concerned about the rising numbers:

DR. CARA CHRIST: So the numbers are concerning. We are seeing increases in the number of new cases reported each day. And today’s is a record high with over 3,200 cases reported. So, we know that the numbers are going to continue to rise until those mitigation measures that the governor put into place on Wednesday start to take effect. But that’s going to be a week or two before we start to see the effects of those mitigation measures.

She really is going all-in on masks, FWIW:

CHRIST: I’m hoping as they, as Arizonans see mask-wearing being normalized, that a lot of people are doing it. Just because the city doesn’t require it doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a mask out in public. And we would encourage everyone to wear a mask when you’re gonna be interacting with people who aren’t normal close contacts or family members or household members. So we are hoping that the message will get out there, that it’s important and it’s for everyone’s safety.

And she warned of additional lockdown if things go bad:

CHRIST: I think the nice thing with the approach that the governor has taken, it’s this calm and steady approach, and we still have tools in the tool box that we can use, whether that’s a statewide mandate for mask use, whether that’s a safer-at-home order, a stay-at-home order. There are still things that we can do, but we are hoping that, you know, encouraging mask use with cities, requiring it as well as, you know, encourage, reminding people that it’s still out there and there are steps that you can take and to stay home. You are safest at home with your normal close contacts. But we do realize people need to go out into the community.

But even if the state doesn’t shut things down, businesses are doing so voluntarily. For example, Apple:

President Trump is due to speak at a Students for Trump event in Phoenix on June 23:


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