23 Clemson football players have reportedly tested positive for COVID-19 since they returned to campus for voluntary workouts:

A total of 28 throughout the entire athletic department:

None of the players have required hospitalization and workouts will continue. From The Athletic:

More than half of the players were asymptomatic, and there are no hospitalizations. Those who tested positive will be isolated for at least 10 days and need to be asymptomatic for the last three days before they can come out of the isolation. Known contacts, and anyone who was within six feet of someone who tested positive for 10 or more minutes, have been notified. They will isolate for 14 days. Voluntary workouts will not be shut down.

And in other college football news, players at UCLA are demanding a “third-party health official” as they reportedly don’t trust head coach Chip Kelly to make the right call on coronavirus:

We’ll have to see if this catches on with other schools:

There’s big money at stake and players have more power than ever:

Is a union in the future?


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